Soul Strengthening Hues – Mindfulness

Wherever you go, There you are! What does it mean to be mindful, to be aware, or in the overused words of this current culture – WOKE? The answer is most definitely a matter of perception and perspective – from what angle are you viewing the quandary of what it is to be mindful? For me, mindfulness is first the conscious choice to take notice. … Continue reading Soul Strengthening Hues – Mindfulness

Neon Decadence: Anxiety Lurks

A thought popped into my mind this morning as I climbed out of bed, or maybe it was as I stepped into the shower. In any instance, the thought slammed into me without notice. The idea that ‘achievement motivates me, and failure destroys me.’ As soon as I could see the words clearly, I rolled them around a few times – could it be true? … Continue reading Neon Decadence: Anxiety Lurks

The Sweet Nectar of Childhood

Winter has brought upon an unplanned morning ritual; hot cocoa, earbuds, Pandora/YouTube, and solitude. I look at this list, and think – ‘there’s significance to each of these.’ A meaning. A purpose. But what? Hot Chocolate I’ve never had a consistent relationship with hot chocolate. When given a choice of a cold drink or hot, I choose cold every time. Yet, there have been periods … Continue reading The Sweet Nectar of Childhood

This Too Shall Pass

During my morning meditation, I was reminded once again about the importance of beginnings. New beginnings and old ones renewed. Modest beginnings. Sacrificial beginnings. Unexpected beginnings. A continual series of setting and resetting – course and purpose. I found myself immersed in two separate (but equal) memories this morning. A moment of memorable starts. The first, a snippet, a memory of a time spent in … Continue reading This Too Shall Pass

Live in this Moment

Enjoy each and every moment! The moments behind you cannot be edited. The moments in front of you are not guaranteed. You really only have NOW! How will you use your NOW? How will you view your NOW? Don’t waste it! Don’t let circumstances steal it! Live your best NOW! Live: Give each moment your ALL! Whatever that looks like, is an accomplishment. Keep trying. … Continue reading Live in this Moment