Soul Strengthening Hues – Mindfulness

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Wherever you go, There you are!

What does it mean to be mindful, to be aware, or in the overused words of this current culture – WOKE? The answer is most definitely a matter of perception and perspective – from what angle are you viewing the quandary of what it is to be mindful? For me, mindfulness is first the conscious choice to take notice. To slow down and recognize the ins and outs of your inner most being. To not only witness the patterns and cycles you play out unconsciously, but to make every effort to own them as yours to control.

Mindfulness is a choice to not live in the unconscious; a choice to evaluate, evacuate, or infiltrate the unwanted passenger. Once a thing no longer lurks in the darkness, once it has been forced into the brightness of day, choice is the only thing left. ‘A mistake repeated is a choice.’ Mindfulness is accepting that you cannot unknow a thing, accepting that that every effort made to turn and run from the knowledge before you, will only leave you running in circles. ‘Wherever you go, there you are.’

Mindfulness is holding yourself accountable for your own words and actions, but more so, mindfulness is the innate ability to push through the guilt and shame of one’s own mistakes and failures. Continually riding the wave of learning and growing; stretching every muscle to the point of detoxifying ecstasy. Ignoring the extreme and inevitable pain of awareness and change. Openly embracing it all…

Mindfulness is choosing to immerse yourself in the continual flux of life. The constant cycle of love, loss, and grief, a set of lifelong friends – a cohesive unit of independent necessities. None exist without the other. Mindfulness is the ability to accept and embrace each of them, without regret or circumstance. Willingly inviting the senses to experience every ounce of struggle and emotion placed in your lap. It’s the ability to sit with and in the darkness just long enough to feel and learn. Never sitting too long in what is a strategically placed place of impermanence – a place that is only meant to help you stretch and grow.


Soul Strengthening Hues…

Mindfulness is the choice to step out of the shit, the filth of routine and comfort – the raw sewage of stagnation. The choice to turn around and examine the pit of despair you’ve placed yourself in – yes – you placed yourself in. The ability to pause and examine the dark treachery of a sheep in wolves clothing. Choosing to see, feel, and understand the consequences of an unchallenged life. Mindfulness is the deep understanding that life is not found in the comfort and warmth of a stagnant pond.

Mindfulness is empowering and exhausting; a beautiful kaleidoscope of soul strengthening hues. Deep and rich shades of life swirling overhead, begging to be seen, felt, and heard. God’s gift, a forever passenger you refuse to acknowledge. Instead, you sit in a mosquito infested pond of faded, basic, and muted tones. Mindfulness is the choice to stop feeding the death march of blood-sucking mosquitoes, and the choice to pull yourself out of the dark hole of disgust. It is the ultimately the choice to welcome and feel it all. No more hiding and running. No more numbing and distracting.

Mindfulness is no longer making excuses – for yourself, your life, or for others. Stripping oneself of crutches and clichés; exchanging the twins for acceptance and growth. The acceptance of life, limitations, and purpose, and the continual growth of one’s mind, body, and spirit. No longer hiding behind ‘I’ll try,’ and ‘I hope.’ – the back doors to every setup failure in your life. You are the maker… Mindfulness is the ability to slam the doors shut on negative chatter and perceived future failures. It’s the ability to stop setting yourself up, and start speaking truth over your life.

Mindfulness is accepting what you can control, and what you can’t, while choosing to navigate the waters of change in peace and harmony.





Photo by guy stevens on Unsplash

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