Broken Mirrors & Empty Boxes


I’m so tired of hiding. Do you want to know who I am? Who I really am?

I’m the girl who found God and fell in love with Jesus nearly seven years ago.

The girl that raps along to Eminem and sings ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ at the top of her lungs.

I’m the girl who desperately needs routine as much as I need a bit of solitude (moments alone to recharge and cleanse).

The girl who showers four times a day, because the world’s energy is gross and heavy.

I’m the girl who counts everything and reads every word my eyes scan (even if I don’t want to).

The girl who obsessively plays Sims4, while watching YouTube videos for hours on end (because it calms my mind a little).

I’m the girl who craves knowledge and conversation.

The girl who binges on Joe Rogan podcasts as much as Steven Furtick sermons.

I’m the girl who never realized the importance of atmosphere and energy, but now I do!

The girl who will no longer stand for manipulation and self-destruction.

I’m the girl who has sacrificed four decades of her life for everyone else.

The girl who gets up everyday and fights to manage the nightmare I’ve been handed.

I’m the girl who realizes this nightmare is the greatest gift of my life!!!

The girl who seeks and explores the fringes of life – forever changed by the knowledge I pick up along the way.

I’m the girl who NEVER QUITS!!

The girl who gets triggered by guttural growls, tones laced with disgust, and the overwhelming feeling of being unloved.

I’m the girl who takes four hours to ‘warm up’ at a social event, but when I do….. Watch Out!

The girl who would happily stay up dancing all night, every night, if my body would allow.

I’m the girl who would run, and swim, and Zumba her little heart out if things were different.

The girl who knows there’s a reason for it all, a purpose in every moment.

I’m the girl who sees the beauty in every mountain and valley I’ve faced this year (and more).

The girl who sits down with herself and discusses the importance of not sinking into the proverbial darkness.

The one who knows the traps and sees the patterns.


I’m this girl and SO MUCH MORE….




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